What apartment tenants need to know about their legal options regarding apartment security cameras in Illinois


Security cameras have become more popular then ever both for commercial and residential reasons. For those residing in a flat, however, comprehending the legality of camera system install Chicago could be confusing. In Illinois, there are particular regulations that must definitely be put into practice when using surveillance cameras inside your apartment. Let’s discover these laws to ensure you’re pursuing the right method.

When Are Cameras Allowed?

In Illinois, it really is legal to set up outside security cameras on the personal property as long as they do not report audio and are only employed to check exercise all on your own home. Including general public areas that edge or lead to your condo for example hallways and auto parking loads. Even so, if any section of your own digicam catches video clips outside your very own home or information mp3, it is illegal even if you are only checking open public places. The same thing goes for inside cameras you must not history sound and you cannot put them in popular places that other renters use a sensible expectation of level of privacy for example bathrooms or bedrooms. Additionally it is worth noting that any recordings created by the digital camera are required to follow all status laws and regulations relating to security and details protection.

What If You Notice Anything Unlawful?

In the event you location some thing unlawful on your stability digital camera recordings, it is crucial that you practice activity immediately by reporting the event towards the authorities or any other correct respective authorities. Your recordings may be required by law enforcement staff for evidence so ensure that you retailer them securely while keeping duplicates offered if needed. You should also stick to any guidelines offered by police force when handing over duplicates of your recordings.


Surveillance cameras may be the best way to keep track of action around your condo property but it is important to recognize how they need to legally be employed to prevent jogging afoul together with the legislation. In Illinois, outside cameras might be put in throughout the perimeter of the condominium developing but sound recording and positioning inside typical areas for example bath rooms is forbidden, even though it is just for monitoring uses. If you notice anything unlawful on one of your tracks then ensure that you report it immediately and adhere to any guidelines given by law enforcement when handing over copies of the taking for facts accumulating purposes. By using these tips very carefully, you may guarantee that everyone remains risk-free when still savoring all of the positive aspects that include having a protection camera method attached to web site!