Learn More about Dr Charles Noplis and His Scholarship Deal

As a psychiatry specialist, Dr Charles Noplis wishes to give back to the community from the blessings he received from his field of work. He has had a decade of experience in the psychiatry field as a highly esteemed professional himself.

It’s the wish of this Louisville native to give the people of Kentucky and beyond a chance at graduating in the medical or psychiatric field like himself through the Dr. Charles Noplis Scholarship.

Making Way for the Doctors of Tomorrow

• The Louisville Psychiatry Specialist: Many people remain ignorant about psychiatric ailments, with some waving off conditions such as depression, trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder (shellshock) as something you just need to “get over” as an adult. Dr. Noplis and his practice have helped hundreds of patients find better ways to deal with their mental issues.

• Scholarship for Medical Students: The Dr. Charles Noplis Scholarship is a scholarship for all medical students and not just psych majors. It funds the student going to school and has plans to enter medical school, rewarding achievers and topnotchers with school tuition funding in preparation for a medical career.

• The Long and Winding Road: Dr. Noplis has also gone through the long and winding road towards getting a degree then getting certified. It pays to alleviate expenses when you’re starting out or preparing for medical school so that you have a head’s up even if you’re not from a rich or well-funded family.

A Little More About Dr. Noplis

In 2008, Dr. Noplis first received his psychiatry degree care of the School of Medicine of the University of Louisville. Afterwards, the esteemed Kentucky psychiatrist passed the board and received psychiatry certification in 2013. Since 2017, he has also served as the Noplis Psychiatry CEO and President.

Dr Charles Noplis believes that there’s no need to shortchange students of the opportunity for college, especially when they’re infamously burdened by loads of school fees and bills as well as student loans galore. You can get proper schooling premed here.