Julian Mitton, MD: How Effective Is Addiction Medicine From Physicians?

Addictions are more than just a mental health problem, as they can have serious consequences on physical health, personal relationships, and employment. To manage these problems effectively, it is important to treat them using both medical and behavioral therapies available from physicians such as Julian Mitton, MD. so read to learn how effective these treatments are to get rid of addiction.

Physicians Treating Addiction Stay Up To Date On The Latest In The Field

There are published guidelines for physicians who treat patients with substance use disorder, including recommendations for screening and assessment, as well as treatment options such as pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy.

Physicians should also be aware of their state’s prescribing laws related to opioids. If a physician is prescribing these medications outside of these laws or without proper documentation from an authorized prescriber, they may face disciplinary action by their state medical board or other licensing body.

Physicians Treating Addiction Are Familiar With The Pharmacology Of The Drugs Used

Physicians who specialize in treating addiction must be familiar with the pharmacology of the drugs being used, as well as how they interact with other medications. These doctors also understand the effects of different drugs on the brain and body. This knowledge is critical in helping physicians make informed decisions about whether or not to prescribe a particular drug for an individual patient.

Physicians Treating Addiction Treat Their Patients – And Educate Them As Well

Finally, physicians Julian Mitton, MD treating addiction have a responsibility to not only treat their patients but also educate them about their condition and recovery options. The physician should be familiar with the latest research in addiction medicine and can recognize potential contraindications for their patients’ medications.

In addition to that, addiction doctors must understand the different types of addiction treatment available (e.g., residential vs outpatient), so that they can help guide people through these options based on their needs at any given time during addiction treatment.