Dr. Erik Goluboff performs thorough checkups on all his patients

Whatever your age, gender, or the ailment you suffer from, remember that in the clinic of Dr. Erik Goluboff, he has extensive experience in the field of urology so that he can treat multiple pathologies. Stop by Dr. Goluboff’s urological clinic; his team of highly qualified professionals will carry out the reviews or clinical tests you need.
All men at any age can experience premature ejaculation. This consists of not being able to perceive the last moment before ejaculation, called the moment before ejaculatory inevitability. It is a signal generated by the body that reaches the brain, confusing it and resulting in premature ejaculation.
But you can also have erectile dysfunction, which is the continuous inability to maintain an erection to have a sexual relationship; it can be generated by different causes such as being overweight, high blood pressure, alcohol, diabetes, depression, high cholesterol levels, taking certain medications and psychological causes.
It is advisable to visit Dr. Erik Goluboff if any of these problems reach the point of affecting routine or causing embarrassment; the solution, in many cases, is usually simple if diagnosed early and can be cured by changing certain lifestyle habits.

Conduct thorough reviews

In the consultation, after some questions about the person’s lifestyle, such as diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, physical activity, the type of urination, and the frequency of these, and if there are problems in sexual relations, Dr Erik Goluboff usually performs a physical examination by touching the abdomen, observing the genitals, and performing a rectal examination.
If there is a history of cases of cancer in the family, it is best to carry out the first checkup between the ages of 40 and 45. At Dr. Goluboff’s clinic, they are in charge of carrying out all the urological checkups you need. It has a great team of specialized professionals so that it can guarantee the best treatment and attention to all its patients.

Multiple reasons to visit

The benign obstruction of the prostate, in which the prostate gland grows, generating oppression in the urethra, which is the route through which the urine comes out, causes urinary and bladder problems; that is another reason why you have to go to Dr. Erik Goluboff, as a specialist in urogenital issues.